Don't Lose Custody of Your Child

Don't Lose Custody of Your Child

Retain a child custody attorney in Greensboro, NC

Getting a divorce is difficult enough without the looming fear of losing custody to your former spouse. Give yourself a better chance of a favorable outcome by hiring a child custody attorney. Residents in Greensboro, NC turn to B. Silver Law Group when they need assistance with custody law. Attorney Silver will fight for your parental rights.

Whoever gets custody of your child will be able to make major decisions about their health care, education and other important parts of their life. Call 336-338-9879 now to schedule a consultation with a child custody attorney in Greensboro, NC.

What factors influence child custody decisions?

You should never assume that you'll be awarded custody of your child. Custody law is complicated, and negotiations are rarely easy. There are a lot of factors that could influence the decision, such as:

  • Your income and your ex-spouse's income
  • Your child's current living arrangements
  • Your relationship with your child's friends, teachers and doctors

As a former Assistant District Attorney and former Assistant Public Defender Attorney Silver will work hard to get you a favorable custody agreement. She will negotiate with the other party without letting emotions get in the way of what's best for your child.