Thinking About Drafting a Will?

Thinking About Drafting a Will?

Our estate planning attorney in Greensboro, NC can help

One crucial mistake that many people make is waiting too long to start estate planning. It's important for you to have a plan in place to protect your family's future financial stability. If you need help drafting a will or trust in Greensboro, NC, turn to B. Silver Law Group. As a former Assistant District Attorney and former Assistant Public Defender Attorney Silver will help you figure out which legal document best suits your situation.

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Why is drafting a will important?

Do you know how drafting a will protects your family? When you create a will, you...

  • Name your executor to ease the process of sorting through assets
  • List the beneficiaries who will inherit your estate, avoiding legal battles
  • Provide instructions on how your beneficiaries will receive their assets
  • Establish guardians for any minors under your care

Creating a will or trust could also protect your beneficiaries from going through probate or being subject to estate taxes. Have more questions about estate planning? Attorney Silver is here to help. Contact B. Silver Law Group today to start the process.